August 5th 1941

August 5th 1941

Bluenose Purchased By Captain Angus Walters

Lunenburg, Aug. 5- The Bluenose, undefeated International fishing schooner has been purchased by its former widely known skipper, Captain Angus Walters, it was learned today. Price paid for the 20 year old racer was reported in the vicinity of $10,000. Interests had been held by more than 100 shareholders. Captain Walters was managing director.

Captain Walters has not commanded the champion since steering her across the finish line of the last successful race against the United States pride, the Gertrude L. Thebaud at Gloucester in 1938. The Bluenose in command of Captain harry DeMone and operating out of National Fish Company, Halifax, is at present on the banks filling the hold with fresh fish.

Was Stripped

After the international races the Bluenose was stripped of her racing designs. Spars were shortened and the keel leveled off. She made several trips at coastal trading until the auction hammer threatened to end her career in the Autumn of 1939. Canadian Fairbanks Morse Company had pressed a claim of $7,000 for the balance on engines installed. The champion remained in home waters when her skipper reached a satisfactory settlement with the claimants a few minutes before the auction.

Last year Bill McCoy, colourful figure of the rum running era, negotiated unsuccessfully with Captain Walters for the purchase of the racer. An emblem of Canadian seamanship the Bluenose has brought fame to the town of her building and to Nova Scotia. Her last years in home waters would be the only tribute to a worthy ship, declared Captain Walters last night.

"Her racing days are over," said the former skipper, "but she will continue fresh fishing." Captain Walters said he had no intention of again taking the command of his racer unless necessary.