April 18th, 1907

April 18, 1907

A Curious Error

Under this heading the Acadian Recorder publishes an interesting letter from Judge Chesley, of Lunenburg, which reads as follows: -

Dear Sir, - Having had occasion recently to trace some of the early legislation of this province, I found that away back in 1829, "in the time of Sir Peregrine Maitland K. C. C, Lieut-Governor; S. S. Blowers, Chief Justice and President of the Council; Samuel George William Archibald, Speaker of the Assembly; Sir Rupert D. George, Bart, Secretary of the Council, and John Whidden, Clerk of the Assembly," somebody, presumably the Clerk of the Assembly, made the mistake on the title page of the volume of published statutes, of describing the session of that year as "the third session of "the thirteenth General Assembly." That mistake has been continued down to the present time, with an occasional variation, introducing an extra mistake.

The first General Assembly of this province was convened in 1758 and held two sessions;

The second in 1759, and held two sessions;

The third in 1761, and held six sessions;

The fourth in 1765, and held eight sessions;

The fifth in 1770, and held seventeen sessions;

The sixth in 1785, and held seven sessions;

The seventh in 1793, and held seven sessions;

The eighth in 1800, and held six sessions;

The ninth in 1806, and held seven sessions;

The tenth in 1812, and held eight sessions;

The eleventh in 1819, and held two sessions;

The twelfth in 1820, and held six sessions;

The thirteenth in 1827, and held four sessions;

After the fourteenth, no Assembly held more than five sessions, and only four held more than four, the fifteenth General Assembly, which was convened in 1837; the seventeenth, which was convened in 1844; the nineteenth, which was convened in 1851; and the thirty-second, mis described as the thirty third, which was convened in 1902.

As the present session is the first of a new Assembly, it seems an appropriate time for the Clerks of the Assembly to verify my statement and make the necessary corrections.

Yours truly,

S. A. Chesley