August 17th, 1911

August 17, 1911

A Wreck

A despatch from Boston, dated August 11th says: "The three-masted schooner Theresa Wolf went ashore at Chatham Bar about three o’clock this morning and has become a total wreck, being full of water."

"Shortly after the vessel went ashore the crew and men leaving her, began to strip her, tearing away her rigging and other equipments. She has a cargo of coal, bound from Perth Amboy to Windsor, in command of Captain Melbourne Cook, of Waterville, N.S. who is accompanied by Miss Pansy Dickie and Miss Luella Fraser and by the captain’s ten year-old son, Henry Cook, all of Waterville."

"The young women and boy were accompanying the captain on a trip from New York down home for the pleasure of a summer sea voyage. Miss Dickie said that the vessel’s cook had deserted just as they were about to sail from New York, so she and Miss Fraser volunteered to do the cooking for all hands rather than have the vessel delayed, and it proved a very novel and somewhat pleasant experience for them."

"They had enjoyed the whole voyage until it came time for them to have the life preservers put on by the life saving crew this morning, which caused them some trepidation, as it made them fear they might be in more danger than was apparent. All hands landed safely and the girls were made heroines by the Chatham people and summer residents."