April 13th 1898

April 13th 1898



At Canning, on the 6th ult., to Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Davison, a daughter.

At Church St., 29th ult., to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Chase, a daughter.

At Church St., on the 2nd inst., to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rockwell, a daughter.

At Kingsport, 31st March, to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ells, a son.

At Middleton, March 31st, to Dr and Mrs. T.A. Croaker, a son.

At Tremont, 24th ult., to Mr. and Mrs. Jac. McInnes, a son.

At Billtown, 29th ult., to Mr. and Mrs. John Morton, a son.


At the Methodist parsonage, Berwick, April 6th, by the Rev G.W.F. Glendenning, Capt. Geo. McNeilly, of Harborville, and Mrs. Mary Horton, Margaretville.


At Church St. April 3rd, Aubrey M., son of John Borden, aged 30 years. (might be 39..PV)

At the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. Charles Morton, Halifax, on Tuesday, April 5th, William H. Gilliatt, aged 85 years.

At the residence of Mr. Henry Simpson, Hall's Harbor, on the 3rd April, William Houghton, aged 95 years.

At Upper Pereaux, April 3rd, Capt Delos Holmes, leaving a widow and one child.

At Tremont, 24th ult., of diabetes, Fred, son of Hall and Jane Ruggles.


In the death of Mr. John N. Coleman, which took place Wednesday last at his residence at Aylesford, this county has lost one of its best known and most respected citizens - a man of sterling integrity and in his younger days prominent as a business man and in the political world. Mr. Coleman was born in West Cornwallis, where his boyhood was spent. When a young man he went to the west, where he lived for some time in what is now the province of Ontario and in the State of Michigan, in which state he married. Returning to his native land he settled in Lakeville and entered into the mercantile life, from which after some years he retired and began the cultivation of small fruits, in which business he was one of the pioneers in this valley. In 1892 he disposed of his farm and purchased a residence in Aylesford, where the concluding years of his life were spent.

In political circles Mr. Coleman will be remembered as the candidate of the confederate party at the first Dominion election, in 1897.

Mr. Coleman was for many years a prominent and active member, and office bearer in the Presbyterian Church.

The funeral took place on Saturday and was largely attended. The interment was at Lakeville, Rev Mr. Hawley officiating.


Willis Margeson is at home from Truro for the Easter holidays.

James Pennington and family, of Lequille, have removed to Halifax.

Mrs. Gordon McKeen, of Gay's River, has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Morse, in Berwick. She returned home on Monday.

Mr. E. R. Davidson has gone to Windsor, where he has a position in a large woodworking establishment.

Mrs. P. Middlemas and Master Earl visited friends in Hantsport last week.

Mrs. Craig, wife of Rev. J. Craig, of Bear River, is visiting friends in Berwick.

Dr. C. C. Ellis arrived home last week from Chattanooga, Tenn.

Mrs. J. L. Moffat, who was called to Halifax last week on account of the serious illness of her little brother, arrived home on Tuesday.

Miss Florence Quigley, of Kentville, was in Berwick this week.

Miss Greta Vaughn, of Halifax, who has been visiting her sister, Miss M. A. Vaughan, Berwick, left for home on Tuesday.

Mrs. F. A. Clark and Miss Laura arrived home from Boston on Monday.

Dr. Carl A. Shaw, of South McAlister, Ind. Ter., is soon to take his departure for South Africa.

Masonic Installation at Aylesford:

On Monday, April 4th, the Officers of Harmony Lodge, No. 52, A. F. and A.M., were installed as follows: -

W.M., H.J. Chute.
S.W., F.E. Harris.
J.W., E.L. Foster.
Treas., D.E. Davison, P.M.
Sect'y., Arch Foster, P.M.
S.D., A.H. Ewing, P.M.
J.D., C.J. West.
S.S., F. Meister.
J.S., P.N. Balcom.
Mars., W.R.L. Foster, P.M.
Chap., L.O. Neily.
Tyler., A Woodworth.

District Deputy Grand Master J.W. Miller, of Canning, performed the duties of installing officer, Worshipful Bro. A. C. Van Buskirk being presenting officer.

An address was given by the Installing officer, complimenting the Lodge on its appearance and work, followed by short speeches from the brethren.

Worshipful Master H. J. Chute gave a short address thanking the Lodge for the high honor conferred upon him for the second time and extending an invitation to the brethren to repair with him to the Aylesford Hotel and partake of refreshments in the shape of an oyster supper prepared by the hostess of that renowned hostelry in her usual first class style.

The lateness of the hour prevented toasts being proposed and the affair came to a close by singing "God Save the Queen."

Sheffield Mills:

Miss Louisa Ells has been visiting in the United States.

The Beethoven Club met at the residence of Mr. Stephen Burgess last week.

Mr. John Hume went to Dartmouth on Thursday to spend the Easter holidays.

Miss Manning is soon to begin a class in music at the Mills.

Messrs. Harry and C. Vaughn of Horton spent Sunday with their brother, Mr. Fred Vaughn, recently.


Rev Mr. West, of canning, is holding a series of very interesting meetings in this place. Mr. West has also spent much of his time recently visiting among the people.

Mr. Henry Barnaby of Bridgewater, has been visiting his sister, Mrs. T.H. Bowles.

The Misses. Morton, of Woodville, have been visiting their sister, Mrs. C.H. Roscoe.

Mrs. Henry Coffin spent last week with Mrs. Joseph Lowden.

Mr. and Mrs. David Manson have moved to Sheffield Mills.

Mr. Roy Lowden, who went to Yarmouth recently, has secured a position on the Steamer Boston.


The lectures given in the Methodist and Baptist churches on Thursday and Friday evenings of last week by the Rev Mr. Taylor were well attended and highly appreciated.

Mr. Morgan was not able to fill his appointments on Easter Sunday on account of illness. His place was filled by Mr. Corbitt, of Acadia College.

Parole Division visited Sundew Division of North Kingston, on Monday evening and were very hospitably entertained.

Misses Angie and Mabel Lee spent their Easter holidays at home.

Miss Mabel Parry, of Acadia Seminary, is visiting at Mr. Stephen Taylor's.

Miss Laura Parker, who is attending Business College in St John, is spending a fortnight's vacation at home. She is accompanied by her little nephew, Allen Wilbur.

Miss Eva Graves and Miss Minnie Bowlby spent Easter Sunday at the home of their teacher, Mr. Munroe, of Melvern square.

Mrs. N.P. Spurr and Mist Georgie Whidden spent Monday in Berwick.

Mrs. Edward Barteaux and little son, of Weston, spent Tuesday at Mrs. N.I. Bowlby's. (the I might be a L..PV)

STEAMSHIP COMPETTION. - The Furness Line is negotiating for the subsidy for the new service between Canada and Manchester. Those interested in the Halifax and Newfoundland S.S. Co. a strictly Halifax enterprise, whose steamers go to Manchester, express indignation that another company should be granted a subsidy to compete with them in the Manchester trade.

To the Pole - Capt Sverdrup will take with him in the Fram to North Greenland next summer a crew almost as queer as that engaged in hunting of the shark. It will consist of a naval Lieutenant a cavalier Lieutenant, a geologist, a zoologist, a botanist, a doctor who is also a meteorologist, a steersman, a student, a sea cook, a "marine cannonier" a harpooner, two machinists, and two stokers, but no plain sailormen. Only sixteen persons will take part in the expedition. Capt. Sverdrup was captain of the Fram during the celebrated Nansen Expedition.

Pork Packing Co. - a company has been formed at Middleton to carry on the pork-packing industry. The capital stock is $25,000, in shares of $10 each, with 10 per cent payable at the time of incorporation. The provisional directors are: Hon. A.P. Welton, A.J. Morrison, Hector McLean, T.R. Jones, and W.H. Weatherspoon. About $5000 has been subscribed, and the stock lists will be circulated for signature from Windsor to Yarmouth, where public meetings will be held.

THE CREAMERY CO. - The last issue of the Royal gazette contains the notice of application for letters patent under the joint stock companies act, of the purchaser of the creamery property in Berwick. The capital is one thousand dollars in ten shares of one hundred dollars each. The company incorporates under the firm name of T.M. Davis and Co. and for the purpose of manufacturing butter and cheese and of canning fruit and vegetables. Messrs. T.M. Davis, R.H. banks, S. Creighton, P.J. Chute, and B.H. Lee, are provisional directors.

Good Stock:

A.W. Borden has a pair of steers 18 mos. Old which girth 5 ft, 6 inches.

Mr. H. J. Chute yesterday shipped a thoroughbred Shorthorn bull to the Bear River Agricultural Society. The animal is less than a year old and girths five feet.

SCHOOL EXAMINATION - The public examination of Berwick school will be held on Friday next. The order of exercises will be as follows: - Primary - Miss Essie Parker - 9.15 to 10.30. Preparatory - Miss Chipman - 10 30 to 12. Intermediate - Miss Ida Parker - 1.15 to 2 45. High School - Principal Robinson - 2 45 to 4 00. Parents and all interested are earnestly invited to attend.

FIRE BUGS - Detective Power recently visited Annapolis where he had been investigating some cases of fires of incendiary origin. Within the past few years there have been no less than six very mysterious fires at Granville Ferry and Annapolis. There were two mill, two stores, a blacksmith shop and a dwelling burned, and in each case the damage was great, the insurance companies losing very heavily. They were all doubtless the work of fire bugs.

A little son of Mr. Wm. T. Bennett, of South Waterville, was seriously injured on Saturday last, while playing in Mr. L. R. Margeson's mill.

THE GRAND DIVISION of the Sons of Temperance in Nova Scotia will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary at Yarmouth next week.

AN INTERESTING SERVICE will be held in Christ Church this (Wednesday) evening, at half past seven, in connection with the quarterly meeting of the clergy of the Avon Deanery, now in session in Berwick. The service will be choral, and short addresses will be given by the visiting clergy. Among those expected to be present and take part in the service are the Rev. F. J. H. Axford, Rural Dean; the Rev, Canon Brock, Rector of Kentville; the Venerable Archdeacon Weston Jones, Rector of Windsor, and other, All are cordially invited. Service will also be held on Thursday morning at 11 am. Among the business to be transacted at this session of the Deanery is the election of a member of the board of governors for King's College.