Aimee Huntington Woodworth

Aimee Huntington Woodworth

Mrs. Woodworth was born in Yarmouth in January, 1860, the younger daughter of the late Richard Huntington, who was editor and publisher of the Yarmouth Tribune for many years, until his death in 1883, when the paper ceased publication. He was a nephew of Hon. Herbert Huntington, and Mrs. Woodworth was the last representative of one of Yarmouth’s oldest and most distinguished families. (May 31, 1951 obit)

Mrs Woodworth married John E. Woodworth, founder of The Register.

Articles by and about A. H. W.

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Aimee Huntington Woodworth - MAY 31, 1951. Aimee Huntington Woodworth, widow of the founder of The Register, passed away peacefully in Yarmouth Hospital, last Friday afternoon, May 25, at the age of 91 years