The Murrille Schofield Collection

"The Murrille Schofield Collection"
Courtesy of Laurene Shewan

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Murrille Schofield
returns from WWII
to Mother

All of these items were given to Keith Brown at Murrille's death.  Keith generously allowed us to have them, so we could share them ...... Laurene

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Two articles 1913 - 1914 - To the Editor of THE ACADIAN by James T. Schofield. The sixtieth anniversary of the wedding of James T. Schofield and Sarah Pick, both of White Rock. Both articles were found on the same sheet of paper.

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THE ADVERTISER - Kentville, NS, Dec. 2, 1976

"Beatrice Peabody, a woman who spent most of her life "being the best mother and a good wife" and celebrated her 100th birthday October 11, at McKerley Nursing Home, died in November.

Mrs. Peabody, born Beatrice Eagles 100 years ago in Gaspereau, Kings County, Nova Scotia, moved to Mansfield, Mass. at age 18, where she worked as a milliner. (click on picture)

School (1830?-1880?) at Rogers Mountain, Gaspereau Mountain - now Forest Hill - Written by Murrille Schofield of Gaspereau, January 1980.

"It was located on the corner of the Gaspereau to Greenfield and the New Road connecting the Fielden (Fielding) Road, now called the Newtonville Road ....."