The Spectator, Annapolis Royal, 1884

Annapolis Spectator, Annapolis Royal, Annapolis Co, Nova Scotia

NSARM, Halifax, NS mfm # 1003
Published Friday unless otherwise stated

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Weeks included : 22 August, 20 August, 5 Sept., 12 Sept., 10 Oct., 24 Oct., 31 Oct. 1884.

Balcom, Annie Sophia see Shaffner, Leander P.

Banks, Alice Ermina, d/o William Banks, Arlington, Annapolis Co., NS married at Paradise, 12 Oct. 1884, to Archibald B. Kendall. [24 Oct 1884].

Banks, Lindley, Havelock, Annapolis Co., married at Clarence, 1st. inst., to Dena Grimm, y/d/o late Jacob Grimm, Lunenburg, NS. [31 Oct. 1884].

Banks, William see Banks, Alice Ermina.

Bent, Amelia, relict of Isaac Bent, former residents of Annapolis Co., died at Digby, 3rd inst., age 92 years. [10 Oct 1884].

Bent, Isaac see bent, Amelia.

Bent, Mrs. Emma see Bent, Stephen E.

Bent, Stephen E., Bentville, married at Granville, 1st. inst., to Mrs. Emma Bent, Granville. [10 Oct. 1884].

Boneyman, Susie see Fellows, Edgar P.

Boneyman, James see Fellows, Edgar P.

Brooks, Henry W. see Harris, Capt. Ernest O.

Brooks, Marion W. see Harris, Capt. Ernest.

Copeland, James, died at Perotte, 26th inst., age 86 years. [20 Aug. 1884].

Cook, s/o (unnamed), James, Margaretsville, drowned, Kingston Station, 15th Aug. [23 Aug. 1884].

Chute, Annie see Chute, Fletcher.

Chute, Fletcher, Bridgetown, married at Bear River, 13th inst., to Annie Chute, eldest/d/o Nehemiah Chute, Bear River. [23 August 1884].

Chute, Nehemiah see Chute, Fletcher.

Dickie, James H., married at Worcester, MA., 29 Sept. to Mary Alice Langley, 3rd d/o James Langley, Bridgetown .[24 Oct 1884].

Easson, Alexander, died at Bridgetown, 25th inst., age 43 years. [31 Oct 1884].

Fellows, Edgar P., Bridgetown, married at New Annan, 30th ult., to Susie Boneyman, 2nd d/o James Boneyman. [10 Oct 1884].

Foster, Emma, Hampton, married at Bridgetown, 22nd inst., to Zaccheus Hall, St. Croix Cove. [31 Oct. 1884].

Guier, William, Tiverton, married at Sandy Cove, 7th inst. to Celia A. Ruggles, Bear River. [31 Oct. 1884].

Grimm, Dena see Banks, Lindley.

Grimm, James see Banks, Lindley.

Hall, Zaccheus see Foster, Emma.

Harris, Capt. Ernest O., of Annapolis, married at Weymouth Bridge, 26 Aug., to Marion W. Brooks, eld/d/o Henry W. Brooks, Weymouth Bridge. [5 Sept. 1884].

Hicks, Frederick Charles, Westport, married at Annapolis, 11th inst., to Mary L. Rowding [sic] of Clementsport. [12 Sept. 1884].

Ingram, R. John S., married at Annapolis Royal Methodist Parsonage, 26 Oct., to Sarah Ella Potter, d/o John H. Potter, all of Clementsport. [31 Oct. 1884]. [printed as R. John S. Ingram]

Jackson, William, senr., Clarence, died 8 Sept., age 73 years. [12 Sept. 1884].

Jeffrey, Charles W. see Saunders, Annie G.

Johnson, George, Lower Granville, married to Harriet Payzant, Brookfield, Queens Co., at Digby 8th inst. [24 Oct 1884 ** note instead of marked as m. it has "died".].

Keene, Elizabeth M. see Morse, James C. [* it was pointed out this could be McKenna].

Kendall, Archibald H. see Banks, Alice Ermina.

Langley, James see Dickie, James H.

Langley, Mary Alice see Dickie, James H.

Longley, Eliza I., w/o S. C. Longley, Bridgetown, died 17th ult., in 66th year. [23 Aug. 1884].

Longley, S. C. see Longley, Eliza I.

Manthorn, Eva Beatrice, died at Bridgetown, 13th inst., inflammation of lungs, 11 months. [23 Aug. 1884].

Manthorn, Lilla & William see Manthorn, Eva Beatrice.

McCormick, Alexa. See Sutherland, Rev. D. S.

McCormick, Samuel see Sutherland, Rev. D. S.

Merry, Wallace W., married at New Albany, 7th inst., to Annie L. Prentiss, both of New Albany. [24 Oct 1884].

Morrison, Angela see Morrison, James.

Morrison, Capt. Healy, see Morrison, James.

Morrison, James, only s/o late Capt. Healy & Angela Morrison, died at Lower Granville, 28 Oct., consumption. [no age given and written this way].

Morse, James C., married , Berwick, 25 August 1884, to Elizabeth M. Keene, all of Berwick. [Fri. 20 Aug. 1884].

Parker, Lydia R., inf./d/o Wm. H. & Elizabeth Parker, died Annapolis Royal, 19th inst., 1 year 11 months. [23 Aug 1884].

Parker, William & Elizabeth see Parker, Lydia.

Payzant, Harriet see Johnson, George.

Potter, John H. see Ingram, R. John S.

Potter, Sarah Ella see Ingram, R. John S.

Prentiss, Annie L. see Merry, Wallace W.

Rice, John, died at Bridgetown, 17th inst., dropsy, age 76 [??] years. [24 Oct 1884].

Rowding, [sic] Mary L. see Hicks, Frederick Charles.

Ruggles, A. S., died 1 Oct., 34 years, drowned. [24 Oct 1884].

Ruggles, Celia A. see Guier, William.

Saunders, Annie G., d/o Holmes Saunders, Sandy Cove, married at Sandy Cove, 13th inst., to Charles W. Jeffrey, Bear River. [31 Oct 1884].

Saunders, Holmes see Saunders, Annie G.

Shaffner, Leander P., Middleton, married at Elm Tree Farm, 1st inst., to Annie Sophia Balcom, eld/d/o W. H. Balcom, Paradise. [10 Oct 1884].

Simpson, Milfred A., eld/d/o Henry & Allison Simpson, died at Round Hill, 10 August 1884, age 18 months. [20 Aug. 1884].

Spinney, Edwin C., died at Nictaux, 9th Oct., age 45, leaves wife and 7 children. [24 Oct 1884].

Spurr, James A., married at Round Hill, on the 7th inst., to M. Gertrude Syda, d/o H. Syda, M. D. [10 Oct 1884].

Sutherland, Rev. D. S. Rector of Port Mulgrave, married at Granville Ferry, 16th Oct. to Alexa. y/d/o Samuel McCormick.

Syda, M. Gertrude see Spurr, James A.

Thomas, Albert, died at Lower Granville, 13th October. [24 Oct 1884].

Wallace, Wm., Lynn, MA., died, 9 Aug., consumption, formerly of Annapolis Co., age 62 years. [23 Aug. 1884].