September 3rd, 1975



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Register Enters 85th Year

As The Register enters its 85th year of publication and community service, a short sketch of its history may be of interest to readers.

The Register was established in 1891 by the late Jon E. Woodworth. Mr. Woodworth was editor and publisher until 1919, when the weekly was purchased by the late W. L. Hatfield. Mr. Hatfield was editor and publisher for 23 years until his death in 1942. For an interim of a year The Register carried on under the management of Mr. Hatfield’s wife, the late Isobel Hatfield. G. R. T. Ayling was editor during this period.

In 1943, The Register was purchased by the late John S. Scott of Halifax. Mr. Scott was well known in the daily newspaper field in Halifax, where he served many years as a news reporter and editor. G.R.T. Ayling continued as assistant editor and linotype operator, until 1947, when he accepted a position as assistant editor with Editor Cecil Day, owner of the Liverpool Advance. After 12 years service with The Advance, Mr. Ayling retired and is now a guest at Grand View Manor, Berwick. He has reached the grand age of 89.

In 1948, Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Bezanson returned from Halifax, Mr. Bezanson entering into partnership with Mr. Scott, as co-publisher of The Register. John S. Scott was editor until his death in 1956 at the age of 76. Mr. Scott’s wife, the late Hilda Scott, continued to play an important role in the publication of The Register, until her death in 1958.

In 1956, Mr. Bezanson became editor of The Register. In 1958, his wife Joan became office manager and Mr. and Mrs. Bezanson remained as partners and publishers of The Register, until May 31, 1974, when the weekly was purchased by the Lunenburg County Press. Mr. and Mrs. Bezanson remained as editor and office manager, respectively, until their retirement from the newspaper field in March of 1975.

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apprentice printer at the age of 15, with The Register. Following six years with The Register he was employed as a printer with McCurdy Printing of Halifax for ten years, after which he and Mrs. Bezanson returned to Berwick to become associated with The Register.

The Register continues to serve central Annapolis Valley under the direction of Norma Metzler, who accepted the position as editor in March of 1975. Linda Morse was appointed office manager at the same time. Miss Metzler has wide experience in the newspaper field having been associated in the past with the Hants Journal, as well as having several years experience in advertising with agencies in Halifax and Toronto. She is a native of Kentville. Miss Morse is a native of Kingston. Before accepting her position with The Register she was for several years a Registered Nurse on the staff of a Halifax hospital. She also has a course in business.

The Register has grown from humble beginnings from the days of handsetting type, progressing to machine setting by the letterpress method, and under new ownership changed to the new method of offset printing using modern compugraphic typesetters.

The Register looks forward to the future with optimism and will continue to serve the communities of the central Annapolis Valley.