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abaft, or aft - the stern, or after part of a ship.
bilge - 1. part of the underwater body of a ship between the flat of the bottom and the straight vertical sides. 2. internally, the lowest part of the hull, next to the keelson.
capstan - an apparatus used for hoisting weights, consisting of a vertical spool-shaped cylinder that is rotated manually or by machine and around which a cable is wound.
chock - a heavy metal fitting serving as a guide for ropes, cables or chains.
deadlight - a strong shutter or plate fastened over a ship's porthole or cabin window in stormy weather
donkey boiler - a steam boiler on a ship deck used to supply steam to deck machinery when the main boilers are shut down.
fall - the part of the rope of a tackle to which the power is applied in hoisting.
hawser - a heavy rope for mooring or towing.
hurricane deck - the topmast deck in a large steamship.
jib - a triangular sail bent to a foremast stay.
keelsons - a structure of timbers or steel beams that are bolted to the top of a keel to increase its strength. Also spelled kelson.
luff - the forward edge of a fore-and-aft sail.
lugsail - a quadrilateral sail that lacks a boom, has the foot larger than the head, and is bent to a yard hanging obliquely on the mast.
oil cake a cake of linseed, cottonseed, or soybean from which the oil has been extracted; used as food for livestock.
painter - a rope, usually at the bow, for fastening a boat to a ship, stke, etc.
poltroon - a coward.
sea anchor - device for keeping the bow of a boat to the seas in open water and to reduce drift.
seacock - a valve, operated by a movable handle, that restricts the flow of water in a line.
stanchion - an upright wooden or metal post on a ship; supports the ship's bulwarks, railing or deck.
stay - any of various strong ropes or wires for steading masts. funnels, etc.
staysail - any sail set on a stay, as a triangular sail between two masts.
texas - a deckhouse on a texas deck (the uppermost deck on a steamer) for the accomodation of officers.
thwart - a seat across a boat, especially one used by an oarsman.
timber cruiser - gathers information on volume, species composition and grade or value.
windlass - a machine for raising weights, consisting of a horizontal cylinder or roller moving on its axis, and turned by a crank, lever, or similar means, so as to wind up a rope or chain attached to the weight. In vessels the windlass is often used instead of the capstan for raising the anchor. It is usually set upon the forecastle, and is worked by hand or steam.
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