Rehearing In The Clallam Case
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 17 Aug 1904, pg.8

Engineer DeLaunay Explains His Position and Is Promised Consideration

After a brief hearing of the appeal of Scott A. Delaunay from the decision of the local marine inspectors, revoking his licence as an engineer upon the ground that he was chiefly responsible for the 'Clallam' disaster. Capt. John Bermingham, supervising inspector of the disaster, took the matter under advisement yesterday, says the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Seven witnesses were examined for DeLaunay, and no testimony offered on the other side. The witnesses who testified offered nothing new.

The witnesses were: George H. Lent; T.J. Heffernan, of the Heffernan Engine Works; Capt. George Roberts, of the 'Clallam'; Scott A. DeLaunay; Wm. C. Schreck, port engineer; John L. Atkins, oiler; Patrick Mattick, fireman. Mattick was the only new witness, and his testimony was unimportant. The entire effort of the appellant was to show that the 'Clallam' was unseaworthy. The testimony of Mattick tended to show that the pumps could not work freely because the pipes were clogged with loose coal. DeLaunay testified to the same effect, and he claimed that the pumps were kept working as well as possible under the circumstances.

The condition of the broken deadlight and of the ship's rudder were also brought up, but no new facts were elicited in regard to either.

DeLaunay expects to rely mainly on the contention that the ruling against him by the local inspectors, Whitney and Turner, was unwarranted by the testimony at the investigation. Capt. Bermingham said yesterday that he would take some time to look into the case, and might not give a decision for two or three weeks.