Freed Of Claims
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 11 Aug 1904, pg.5

The Puget Sound Navigation Company, the owner of the steamer 'Clallam', which sank during a storm in the Straits of San Juan de Fuca, January 9, 1904, with forty-two passengers and ten of her crew, was at Portland Tuesday, relieved of liability on account of the accident by United States District Judge C.B. Bellinger. The steamship company recently, under a provision of the federal statutes, filed a petition in the United States district court asking for a limitation of liability which might result from damage claims filed by relatives and heirs of persons who were drowned in the catastrophe. The petition recites that the value of the steamship and freight immediately after the accident was $296. No claims, however, were ever presented and the claimants after legal time to take action were declared in default. The decree states that all claims growing out of the disaster to the steamship 'Clallam' are forever discharged and all parties are restrained and enjoined from presenting demands.