A Clallam Survivor
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 24 Feb 1904, pg.7
reprinted from the Spokesman Review

Plays Havoc With Business Men in Spokane

T.L. Stewart came to town at the beginning of the week and departed rather hurriedly yesterday with some $200 in money and merchandise packed up from Spokane merchants during his brief stay. Mr. Stewart claimed to be the active member of the firm of Flint, Burbridge & Co., which will put in a large merchandise store at Leavenworth, Washington.

His victims do not at all deny the fact that he was active. Mr. Stewart was a rather shabby looking individual when he drifted into Spokane, but he easily explained the condition of his apparel by saying that he was a survivor of the 'Clallam'. Though Stewart's stay in Spokane was short, it was meteoric enough. Some of the startling things that he did were to deposit $12,000 worth of drafts on New York with the Exchange National Bank, give sworn statements to Bradstreet's that he was worth $60,000, buy $90,000 worth of dry goods from J. Dupuy, who represents a large eastern house, negotiate with John W. Graham for a large stock of stationery, arrange to buy a big stock of hardware from Holley, Mason, Marks & Co., dicker with several big grocery firms, get a suit of clothes and $15 from William Kuist, the tailor. Stewart passed a worthless check for $61 on William Kuist, received $15 and a suit of clothes in return. Yesterday morning Kuist took the check to the bank and it was declared to be worthless. Kuist immediately started on Stewart's trail, but lost it and the swindler got off.