Nanaimo Also Indignant
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 20 Feb 1904, pg.5

Discussing the finding of the Seattle court of inquiry into the 'Clallam' disaster, the Free Press of that city says: "Even if DeLaunay's ignorance of the machinery under his care sank the ship, it was Roberts, not DeLaunay, who sent away the boats without skilled officers on board, and it was Roberts and not DeLaunay who ordered the 'Clallam' to be towed to Port Townsend where repairs would be cheap instead of the nearest shelter. For such acts as these a year's suspension is an elaborate insult to the relatives of the victims. It is to be hoped that means will be found to bring both Roberts and DeLaunay before a British court of justice. The quality which obtains on the Sound is not quite up to our standard, far as is the latter from all that it might be."