Delaunay Will Appeal
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 19 Feb 1904, pg.5

In an interview at Seattle, Chief Engineer Scott DeLaunay, of the wrecked steamer 'Clallam', said it was his intention to serve notice of appeal. He will have two chances to regain his licence, which was recently revoked by United States Marine Inspectors Whitney and Turner. DeLaunay will either have the privilege of appealing to Supervising Inspector Bermingham at San Francisco for a rehearing of the case, or he can appear before the local inspectors and make an application for a new licence. Should DeLaunay decide on the latter course he will have to make a new start, so to speak. Like others applying for an engineer's licence he will have to take an examination and be graded according to the judgment of the inspectors. "DeLaunay can apply for another licence the same as a new beginner," said Inspector Whitney. "He would have to take the regular examination and would be graded accordingly. The fact that his licence was revoked as a result of the findings in the 'Clallam' case does not prevent him from engaging in the same kind of work again.