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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 6 Feb 1904, pg.6

Arrangements Are Practically Completed to Repeat the Oratorio 'The Creation'

The Full Proceeds Will Be Donated to the Lifeboat Association

At the meeting of the Lifeboat committee held last Friday afternoon in the secretary's office, one of those present suggested that the ladies and gentlemen who gave Haydn's grand oratorio, "The Creation," with such conspicuous success in December last should be asked to repeat it and hand the proceeds over to the Lifeboat association as a donation to the fund which it is admitted it will be necessary to raise for the purpose in view. On Tuesday last progress was reported and the committee unanimously declared itself ready to co-operate in the reproduction of the grand master's work. Meanwhile the secretary of the late choir has communicated with Mr. Gideon Hicks, the talented conductor who has declared his willingness to understand the work of conducting both the necessary rehearsals and the performance. Mr. Herbert Taylor, the bass soloist, was spoken to and is willing, although the performance may interfere somewhat with the preparation of the Elijah now going forward. Mr. Jesse Longfield, the organist, is most willing to help, and Dr. Nash, the leader of the orchestra, has also assured the committee of his most hearty support. Dr. E.S. Rowe, the pastor of the Metropolitan Methodist church, has answered for the church board, viz., that as far as he could see they would have no objection to the church being used for such a worthy purpose.

Letters have been despatched to the church board here and to Miss Grace Helen Bradley at Tacoma asking her to take the soprano solo again. Mr. Goward was seen yesterday and said "you can count on me," so there is nothing now to prevent the work being carried on to a speedy conclusion.

Until the cantata, "Joan of Arc," has been rendered on the 23rd instant by Mr. William Hicks' choir at the Centennial church no practices will be held, but after that the preparations will be pushed forward as rapidly as possible.

Mr. Gideon Hicks thinks that three practices and full rehearsal will be sufficient for the chorus, as the work is fresh in everybody's mind.

Due notice will be given in the columns of the press of the practices and the chorus' are asked to endeavor to assist in every possible way in this most deserving work.

What the promoters have in view is the sum of $1,000 clear of absolutely necessary expenses, and if this can be done it will be a splendid start for the fund now being raised to purchase a lifeboat for Victoria.
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