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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 4 Feb 1904, pg.7

Resolution Adopted to Advise Public Meeting That They Favored Steam Lifeboat

The adjourned meeting of the Victoria Lifeboat association organizing committee was held Tuesday afternoon in Secretary Pierson's office, there being present Captains Royds, Buckholtz, Troup, Wallbran and Messrs. S. Dykes-Atkinson, P. Beygrau, W. Mason and H. Dallas Helmcken, K.C.

On motion Capt. Troup was elected chairman and the secretary then read the minutes of the last meeting which were adopted as read.

The following letter was read from His Hon. the Lieut.-Governor:

Joseph Peirson, Esq., Victoria, B.C.

Dear Sir, I have the honor by direction to acknowledge the receipt in due course, of your letter of the 21st ult., intimating that a public meeting in the city hall on the 28th January, it was resolved: "That a Lifeboat association be established in the city of Victoria," and that the Lieut-Governor be invited to accept the office of honorary president of said association.

His Honor read the report in the press of the meeting in question with much interest and will be very happy to be connected with such a worthy association in the capacity of hon. president.

As the Lieutenant-Governor is still somewhat indisposed he will be unable to attend any meetings of the committee at preset, but he hopes to be well enough to do so very shortly. I am,
(Sgd.) R.B. POWELL
Private Secretary
Reports were then heard from the sub-committee who waited on Senator Templeman and the city council.

Senator Templeman suggested that the association write to the department of marine and fisheries and he would do his best to back up the petition. He said in speaking of the West Coast that when the captains needed a lighthouse on any particular spot that there never any trouble getting the necessary funds.

The city council were approached on Monday evening and stated that when the scheme was in better shape they would seriously consider the idea of assisting.

A committeeman then gave a splendid account of life saving on the English coasts and said what was needed here was a steamer, a powerful little vessel and life-saving apparatus. A good steamer at the quarantine station would fill the bill. She could be sent for, call for her volunteer crew here and do the work and do it properly. The crew should be seamen and men would not get sea sick immediately after the boats got into rough water.

An interesting discussion followed, and the chairman asked the pertinent question, "Was there ever a case outside of the 'Clallam' disaster of life lost within reach of Victoria which a lifeboat could have saved from Victoria?" He said he could not, and Capt. Wallbran said he could not. A tugboat was an absolute necessity, even if a lifeboat was purchased.

Capt. Buckholtz was also of the opinion that a tug was needed far more than a lifeboat. There was no lookout and no connection with the lighthouses. He suggested a light on Trial Island and telephone connection to Victoria. There was no wire to Discovery, no semaphore and no rockets.

The chairman said all should pull for a light and look-out on Trial Island and telephone connection.

The chairman remarked that the committee were called to report to a public meeting and so far there was only two schemes advanced, one was a tug, to be stationed at the quarantine, and the other, put in a lifeboat here.

H.D. Helmcken, K.C., then moved that the efforts be continued for the purchase of a lifeboat, with steam or other power, for Victoria, and that the Dominion government be earnestly urged to provide a suitable steamer for the purpose of saving shipwrecked crews, and be kept in readiness at the quarantine station.

The motion was seconded by Mr. Paul Beygrau, and carried unanimously.

The meeting then adjourned until next Tuesday afternoon at 4:30.

The subscription cards will be placed in the banks and newspaper offices this morning and the public are asked to assist in this good work by generous donations.
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