Life Saving Committee
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 30 Jan 1904, pg.5

The Subscription Lists Will Be Placed in Banks and Newspaper Offices

Yesterday afternoon the committee appointed at the Thursday evening meeting to form a life-saving station met at the secretary's office. There were present the secretary, Mr. Joseph Pierson and Messrs. H.D. Helmcken, K.C., Paul Beygrau, A.S. Dykes-Atkinson and Captain Royds.

On motion Mr. Beygrau was appointed chairman and the secretary read the minute appointing the committee. On motion of Mr. Helmcken, Messrs. A.S. Dykes-Atkinson and Henry Hart were added to the committee.

The secretary read a copy of a letter he had sent to His Honor the Lieut.-Governor and Mr. Helmcken reported that he had written last week to the secretary of the National Lifeboat Association for a full particulars as to constitution and cost of lifeboats.

The secretary was instructed to write to Watson, the great builder of lifeboats for costs of boats and equipment.

Informal discussion followed about the raising of funds and it was decided to place subscription lists in the banks and newspaper offices.

It was resolved that the secretary and chairman wait upon Hon. Senator Templeman and George Riley, M.P., to ask them to use their influence with the Dominion government for assistance in the project and also to apply to the provincial government.

Mr. Helmcken offered to assist in this connection. The same committee was also authorized to wait upon His Worship the mayor and the aldermen for their assistance.

The meeting was then adjourned until Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 in Mr. Pierson's office.
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