A Lifeboat for Victoria
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 24 Jan 1904, pg.2

Great Public Meeting Next Thursday to Discuss Preliminaries

Citizens Are Eager to See Properly Equipped Boat Commissioned

On Thursday evening next, the 28th inst., there will be a meeting of the citizens of Victoria in the City hall, commencing at 8 o'clock, His Worship Mayor Barnard in the chair, to take steps to give effect to the strongly expressed desire to have a properly equipped lifeboat established in or near the city of Victoria.

The meeting is, of course, the outcome of the sad disaster to the steamer 'Clallam' on the 8th instant, and it is hoped that all citizens who feel that Victoria should be provided with suitable life-saving apparatus for use during such gales as sent the unfortunate 'Clallam' to the bottom, will attend the meeting on Thursday and freely express their opinions.

All men who desire to have their names enrolled as members of the Victoria lifeboat crew are also cordially invited. It is understood that many Victoria citizens competent to take duty with a volunteer lifeboat crew are to be found ready and willing to give their services in this noble cause.

In conversation yesterday with a gentleman who is much interested in this endeavor to found a life-saving service here, a Colonist reporter was assured that no efforts would be spared to give the present desire for such a service practical effect. The gentleman pointed out that had Victoria had, in or near the harbor, on the 8th instant a lifeboat of the pattern in use to such splendid service round the British coast, not a life would have been lost from the 'Clallam'. The lifeboat could have been manned and afloat twenty minutes after the alarm, and, under lugsails could have overhauled the disabled steamer in less than half an hour in such a wind.

Those who have witnessed the work of the lifeboat crews on the English and Scottish coasts in seas compared with which the Strait on the 8th instant was a ripple, can testify to the splendid efficiency of those lifeboats. The gentleman referred to point out that Victoria need not go in for so expensive a boat, but that some craft fit to render aid in any gale that blows hereabouts should be placed in commission as soon as possible.

Mr. Paul Beygrau, who has been active in arranging the matter has received a letter from His Honor the Lieut.-Governor, who expresses his sympathy with the movement. Messrs. H.D. Helmcken, K.C., C.H. Lugrin, George Carter and Rev. Dr. Rowe will deliver addresses. A committee composed of Messrs. Lugrin, Mowat, Boggs, Cornwall and Beygrau is drafting a constitution and bylaws for the proposed club. Members of the Board of Trade, Tourist Association, the J.B.A.A. (James Bay Athletic Association) are all prepared to lend every assistance to the project. A special invitation is issued to ladies.
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