Another Body Found On Spit
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from the Democrat Leader, Port Angeles, Washington, 23 Jan 1904, pg.1
(contributed by C. Foss of Port Angeles)

Married Woman of 35 Years - Easily Recognizable

The body of a woman, evidently married, about 35 years of age was found on the spit at noon Friday about half a mile from the lighthouse on the straits' side. The discovery was made by Walter Patterson and Edwin Noah who were cruising the beach. The body had evidently washed up at high tide at 3 o'clock this morning. It was in good condition other than the face had evidently received severe blows. The forehead was bruised, the bridge of the nose broken, and two front teeth broken off. No life preserver was found, but the deceased is undoubtedly a 'Clallam' victim.

Description - Height, five feet eight; dark brown hair; six shoe; wore blue and white waist; gray tailored skirt; blue silk underskirt; wedding and diamond ring on left hand; pearl set crescent pin at throat.

Nothing was found on person to identify remains, though they will be readily recognized when seen by any of her people.