Gruesome Fund Off The Spit
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from the Democrat Leader, Port Angeles, Washington, 23 Jan 1904, pg. 1
(contributed by C. Foss of Port Angeles)

Mr. Earl Thomas Discovers a Clallam Victim Floatling in the Straits

About 1:30 Sunday afternoon Earl Thomas, son of assistant light keeper J.E. Thomas, discovered the body of one of the 'Clallam's' victims floating in the straits just off the outer point of the spit. With the help of his father the body was pulled up on the beach and later brought to this city where a curious crowd surveyed it. The body was in a well preserved condition, easily recognizable by one who might know the victim. He had evidently lost nothing except his hat and possibly some papers, suggesting there was no struggle. His watch, chain, pocketbook, keys, collar end tie, were in place. He was a heavy set man, about 5 feet 10.

The only clew found as to his identity was return tickets to Seattle and Tacoma, a painter's card and address of Star Paint Co., Tacoma and a Los Angeles paper.

From this it was surmised that the victim answered the description of W.F. Rooklidge, a wood polisher and contractor of Tacoma, recently from Los Angeles, who was on his way to Victoria to bring home his wife and four year old babe.

Monday undertaker Willson was advised that it was Rooklidge and directed to ship the body to Victoria where the wife is still with her mother.

Keeper Rustad and his assistant have kept a constant patrol of the spit on both sides and have picked up a large quantity of wreckage, including a cot, camp stool, berth board, a fine 12 foot ash oar and numerous other minor things, having inscriptions or marks stamping all as 'Clallam' wreckage.