Recover Body Of H.H. Swaney
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from the Democrat Leader, Port Angeles, Washington, 23 Jan 1904, pg.1

Tug Bahada Makes Important Find Off Dungeness Spit

The body of Homer H. Swaney was picked tip afloat about a mile off Dungeness spit at 2 o'clock Tuesday and brought to this city. Though the eyes of the dead man were missing and the features badly distorted personal friends readily recognized their dear friend, and proofs positive were later found in his pockets which contained papers, letters, his steamboat pass, and other things. In his watch were pictures of his wife and eldest daughter. Other than the deficiencies named the body was well preserved. It was found in a standing posture attesting that it had been supported throughout by the life preserver which encircled it. Because of, the absence of any considerable amount of water Coroner Willson is of the opinion that the man died of exposure and was not drowned.

The remains were carefully attended to here, cleaned and dressed and on Wednesday morning were sent to Port Townsend where the funeral was held yesterday afternoon. Mr. Swaney had a large circle of friends here who mourn his awful and tragic end.