Victorians Wanted
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 23 Jan 1904, pg.8

To Give Evidence Before the Enquiry at Seattle

Inspector Whitney said that he would issue subpoenaes for a number of the survivors of the steamship 'Clallam' who live on Vancouver Island and at Victoria.

If the witnesses are unable to reach Seattle before the enquiry is brought to a close, Inspector Whitney says he will set a day some time next week when they can be heard.

It is the desire of the inspectors to question the survivors regarding the action of Capt. Roberts at the time of the disaster.

One of the points sought to be learned is whether the officers of the vessel did all in their power to attract the attention of other vessels.

Pilot rules for the Atlantic and Pacific Coast inland waters, which have been approved by the United States secretary of the treasury, designates that the distress signals in the daytime shall be a continuous sounding with any fog signal apparatus, or firing a gun. Night signals are flames on the vessel, as from a burning tar barrel, oil barrel or the sounding of a fog horn or blowing of the whistle.

The enquiry at Seattle will be resumed on Thursday next, and Inspector Whitney announced that Capt. Roberts would again take the stand, and an opportunity would be given any member of the crew to question him regarding incidents aboard the vessel January 8 and 9.

Chief Engineer DeLaunay requested that the records show it was his desire to question Captain Roberts. Inspector Whitney informed DeLaunay that it would be his privilege to do so.

The coroner's inquest here will be resumed Monday.