Says He Will Not
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 23 Jan 1904, pg.8

How Chief Engineer DeLaunay Confronted Inspectors Hearing Clallam Enquiry

A Theory That Pumps Assisted to Fill Lost Steamer Instead of Freeing Her

Chief Engineer DeLaunay of the lost 'Clallam', insists, as told yesterday, that he is not to be given a fair show - in other words, that he has been selected as the scapegoat to shield Capt. Roberts at the enquiry being held at Seattle. He stated this emphatically at the last session of the Seattle enquiry. According to the Seattle Times he addressed Inspector Turner and said emphatically: "I don't expect a fair show," DeLaunay had been requested to accompany the inspectors and others interested to the home of a witness on the Renton car line, where testimony was to be taken regarding piping in the 'Clallam'.

"I would like to have Engineer DeLaunay accompany us," said Inspector Turner.
"I don't care to go," was his reply.

"What objections do have you to going?" was the substance of Inspector Turner's next question.
"It would do me no good," replied Delaunay.

"We want to give you a fair show," replied Turner to DeLaunay's last statement.
"I don't expect a fair show," was his reply.

The answer of the engineer came so quickly that it caused all eyes to turn in his direction.

The morning session then adjourned and Inspector Turner walked over to DeLaunay and told him that it would not take long to make the trip out to the home of the witness.

"All right, I will go," said DeLaunay.

Inspector Turner the asked Engineer DeLaunay why he did not expect a fair show and why he would not talk to the inspector.
"I do not want to talk to you," replied DeLaunay.

There the subject was dropped.