Funeral Of Miss Harris
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 23 Jan 1904, pg.8

A Vast Crowd Present at the Sad Ceremony in Spokane Last Week

Deceased Was Beloved By Host of Friends Who Mourn Her Death Keenly

The Spokane Spokesman-Review in its issue of Saturday last contains the following account of the funeral of the late Miss Louise Harris, one of the victims of the 'Clallam' disaster, who met her death while en route to Victoria to visit friends.

"The largest number that has gathered at a funeral service in this city since the ceremony over the remains of James Robert Monaghan in 1898 attended the funeral service of Miss Louise Harris, who lost her in the wreck of the 'Clallam' in the straits of Juan de Fuca last Saturday, in All Saints' cathedral yesterday afternoon. It took twenty minutes for the people to get out after the services were over.

"The scene in the cathedral was one never to be forgotten. An hour before the services began the church was nearly full of friends who had known Miss Harris, and by 2:45 o'clock, when the mourning party entered, every seat and chair in the church and Sunday school room was taken and hosts of friends could not be accommodate.

"The fading Christmas decorations, drooping their heads, seemed pervaded with the sadness of the occasion. Over the watchers in their hour of waiting was a settled melancholy which never lifted. There was not a whisper in the room, where all was filled with the stillness of the tomb.

"As the precious burden in its casket laden with flowers was borne up the long aisle of the church the moans of the tolling bell went out upon the stormy air. The organ gave forth a dreary minor prelude which ceased only when the pall-bearers had surrendered their charge in front of the altar. The friends who bore the pall were Ellie G. Soule, Dr. H.B. Luhn, W. Davidson, Harry Saint, H.B. Ferris and E.H. Hughes.

"The Episcopal burial service was begun by Dean Perine. The choir, consisting of Miss Laura Mueller, Mrs. A.A. Kraft, Charles F. Orr and William Hall, sang a funeral chant. Rev. J.D.P. Llwyd of St. Mark's Episcopal church of Seattle preached the funeral service.

"He said, in part: 'In the words of Charles Lamb. 'He gave his heart to the purifer and his will to the supreme will of the universe,; and in the words of the Immortal Dante, 'In his will is our peace.' No calamity in years has cast such a gloom over our state as that which draws us together today. When the news reached the city of my abode it was too awful to believe.

"'It is one of those inexplicable calamities which descend upon us, we know not whence. There is one time worn explanations which is often given, but which I reject at once. This awful sacrifice of human life was not the will of God. It was but man's inability to understand the laws and forces of nature.

"'In the last 50 years we have made great strides in harnessing the powers of the universe, but such catastrophes as this makes us realize how feeble is our power in dealing with the sea. We can not make the sea and the wind bow to the will of man. We shall yet conquer them, I do not doubt, and when that time comes we shall be able to avoid such calamities as we now mourn.

Not only as a community are we called upon to mourn man's impotence in dealing with the waves, but on this sad occasion every heart here has its individual grief. We realize as never before the richness of the acquaintanceship with this bloom of earthly loveliness. We must find comfort in that tenderness surpassing all grasp of human mind in the passing of a soul through cruel waters to the harbor of peace.

"'It is much to have knowledge of immortality but it is infinitely more to know by actual contact what immortality is. It is God Almighty himself, the King of Life, taking into a more congenial life those powers which were here hampered in their development. What we have lost is, but the house in which immortal spark had its temporary shrine.

"'We rejoice that over human sorrow is an all encompassing love. Over every heart that mourns are brooding celestial voices that woo to heights above. We pray at the passing of one so young, so sweet, so beautiful, and look upward on wings of love to grasp eternal faith. In his will and in joyful correspondence with it is the peace of man.'"

The choir sang Schubert's "Farewell" at the close of the sermon, and at the close of the service "Rock of Ages." As the sorrowful procession filed from the cathedral Mrs. W.D. Vincent at the organ played Beethoven's funeral march and the bell tolled the knell of the dead.

The beginning of the service was delayed nearly an hour awaiting the arrival of Rev. Mr. Llwyd from Seattle. The flowers that banked altar and casket were probably the most beautiful that were ever seen in the city upon such an occasion. The altar rail was completely hidden in vases and bouquets of carnations and roses. Wreaths of roses, lilies of the valley and carnations completely covered the casket and heaped high around it. A basket of calla lilies, roses and lilies of the valley, the gift of the girl's club. of which Miss Harris was a member, occupied a distinctive place in front of the other floral offerings.

It was a long funeral procession that followed the hearse through the inclement weather to Greenwood cemetery. Among friends who accompanied the remains to the grave were Mrs. Carrie Harris, W.J. Harris, Mrs. H.C. Belhaker, Mrs. G.M. Forster, Mrs. J.C. Cromie, Mrs. T.L. Brophy, Mrs. Drake, Mrs. James Clark, Mrs. Pendi, Mrs. Burbidge, Mrs. H.B. Luhn, Mrs. J.G. Slayden, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Yates, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Watson, Miss Lida Harris, Miss May Harris, Miss Josie Yates, Miss Sallie Slayden, Miss Euphemia Luhn, Miss Katherine Luhn, Miss Sue Bell, Miss Margaret Glendinning, Miss Effie Campbell, Miss Blanche Flournoy, Miss Bertha Hogan, Miss Mildred Hogan, Miss Halliene Hall, Miss Maud Wadsworth, Miss Grace Cullen, Miss Puss Cullen, Miss Pansy Graves, Miss Mary Lee Moore, Miss Mary Gavin, Miss Elizabeth Moore, Miss Mabel Welch, Miss Grace Slater, Miss Agnes Clark, W.S. Harris, William Harris, Oliver Harris, J. Will Rice, of Los Angeles; Mr. Wickersham, of Portland; James Maloney, Peter Costello, Captain Gerhard Luhn, Frank Orr, Joseph Fox.
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