Grant's Cruise
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 20 Jan 1904, pg.3

Revenue Cutter's Officer Tells of Search for Clallam Victims

The officers of the revenue cutter 'Grant', who state that they would have been ready to proceed to the assistance of the 'Clallam' had they been notified of the extremity. I telling of the cruise by the revenue cutter in search of victims of the disaster, says "We saw fragments of wreckage from time to time, most of it bearing the name of the 'Clallam', but found no corpses. The drift embraced almost everything that could break loose from the ship such as small boats, pieces of furniture, parts of decks and cabins, life preservers, and if fact, nearly everything that would float.

"We watched for drift and inspected it carefully whenever we neared any of it, because the experience of seafaring men have demonstrated that bodies are very apt to be found with the wreckage. The drift floats with the wind and is apt, ultimately, to go ashore carrying the bodied with it. Our boat did not pick up any bodies, yet we were in sight of the British man-of-war 'Grafton' when she picked up one, and of the British ship 'Maude' when she discovered another.

"The 'Maude' was towing the passenger deck and the hurricane deck of the 'Clallam', which were still fastened together, when we spoke her. The 'Grant' then took the decks from the 'Maude' and towed them to Cordova bay. The 'Maude' followed us, and it was while doing so that she discovered a body.

"Sunday night we spent at Anacortes. Monday night at Friday harbor, again, and Tuesday night at Port Angeles. During the days we cruised zig zag about the straits, around Trial island and Darcy island. We sailed through Rosario strait and up along the English coast. Every now and then we found drift, nearly all of it bearing the name of 'Clallam' somewhere in the mass, but although we had several men on watch all the time no corpses were seen in any of the wreckage we encountered, except the one picked up by the 'Grafton' off Race Rocks near Cresent head, and the one taken up by the 'Maude'.

"When we took the decks in to Cordova bay we grounded them and then took them apart with screw jacks, they were in good condition. A peculiar discovery was that the meat house was intact, with its contents in good condition. It had floated for hours without springing a leak."