"Billy" Had a Hunch
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 17 Jan 1904, pg.3

Bell Sheep of Clallam Refused to Make Last Voyage

The survivors of the crew of the wrecked steamer 'Clallam' are now wondering if "Billy", the bell sheep, whose duty it was to lure sheep on board the boat for Victoria, had a "hunch" of impending disaster last Friday morning. He was poking his nose down a sack of corn when the steamer's whistle announced the hour of departure that morning and he refused to listen to the blandishments of the crew, but remained ashore, and thus escaped the wreck.

"Billy" has been leading sheep on boats bound for Victoria for years. He is a great pet and follows members of the crew uptown, chewing their tobacco and drinking beer with them like a true born sailor. But when the white caps are dancing on the bay "Billy" gets sick and stays ashore.

He was particularly stubborn last Friday morning, and threatened dire things to anyone who tried to drag him aboard. The tossing waves did not look good to him, while the shelled corn in the sack was to him just about what the doctor ordered. Since the wreck of the 'Clallam' the sailors of that steamer have been talking the matter over, and they have come to the conclusion that "Billy" has a way of knowing what the weather will be that for accuracy puts to shame all the storm signals and information of the weather bureau.