Passed Clallam When Sinking
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 15 Jan 1904, pg.1

Steamer Mackinaw Could Have Rescued The Passengers
of Vessel if Distress Signals Had Been Shown

Passed the Foundering Ship on Friday Afternoon
--- No More Bodies Recovered --- Capt. Roberts Censured

The steamer 'Mackinaw', a large steam collier, passed within a few miles and in plain sight of the steamer 'Clallam' on Friday afternoon when that vessel was foundering and had their (sic) been any signals of distress displayed from the sinking 'Clallam', Captain Storrs, of the 'Mackinaw', says that most of the passengers, if not all, who were then on board of the vessel, could have been saved by the 'Mackinaw'. But there was no distress signal shown, and the 'Mackinaw' passed by the sinking steamer without anyone off the collier knowing in what dire extremity those on the 'Clallam' were placed. It has been stated - how true it is difficult to say - that the 'Clallam' did not have any rockets or others means of signaling on board, having not so much as a firecracker. The steamer 'Mackinaw' passed the steamer 'Clallam' on Friday afternoon and in all probability being the vessel spoken of by Lannen in his evidence given to the coroner's enquiry and Captain Storrs tells of sighting the 'Clallam'. He says there were no signals of distress displayed, and the 'Mackinaw's' officers, not realizing that the steamer was in such straits as it was afterwards learned she was in, continued on their voyage to Tacoma, at which port the steamer arrived on Saturday morning. Captain Storrs said that had so much as a rocket, or other signal of distress been displayed to the foundering 'Clallam', the 'Mackinaw' would easily have at once put to her assistance.