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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 14 Jan 1904, pg.8

Edward Lockwood, freight clerk of the 'Clallam', numbered among those lost, was born in England, but came to this country and to this coast many years ago. Since reaching the age of 20 years, he followed the sea. For five years he was with the Canadian Pacific on the Empress boats, running between Vancouver and the Orient, and for the succeeding four and one-half years he was a purser with Dodwell & Co., on all of the Northern Pacific liners, the 'Olympia', the 'Victoria' and the 'Tacoma'. He gave up the trans-Pacific run because of ill health and making his home in Seattle he obtained employment on various Sound boats. He was freight clerk on the 'Majestic' and about five weeks ago transferred to a similar position on the 'Clallam'. He was married four years ago and the widow survives at the family residence at Seattle.

Among the victims of the 'Clallam' disaster was a French woman whose name was not included on the passenger list, or the lists of those missing. She was a woman of the under world, known as Juliette. She had left Victoria some weeks ago taking with her a rug that had been stolen from the hack of Woods, a local hackman, and sold to her. She had been order to return the rug and was bringing it back to Victoria, when both she and the rug were lost in the disaster to the 'Clallam'.

Yesterday Constable Best and Fry, both mounted and provided with marine glass patrolled the beach, to search for victims of the disaster.