The Freight List
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 14 Jan 1904, pg.8

What Was Lost From the Wrecked Steamer Clallam

The list of consignees of the cargo jettisoned from the steamer 'Clallam', with the value of the goods thrown overboard in the hope of lightening the steamer, is as follows:
Ometal buttons, Lenz & Leiser, value $40
one case of copper rivets, Lenz & Leiser, $100
sack of brass goods, C.J. Reid & Co., $4
one case, C.J. Reid & Co., $6
31 barrels butter, R.P. Rithet & Co., $1,100
2 boxes of armature cells, B.C. Electric Railway Co., $121
5 cases roast beef, R.P. Rithet & Co., $11
144 cases canned sausage, F.R.S. & Co., $200
5 barrels beef, Simon Leiser & Co., $57
5 cases bacon, S Leiser & Co., $95
10 cases ham, J.H. Todd & Son, $459
16 cases of pickled pork, B. Wilson & Co., $459
case of bacon, J.H. Todd & Son, $54
5 bales of cotton goods, P. McQuade, $31
21 bales of mattresses, Weiler Bros., $262
case of rubber packing, Wellington Collier Co., $24
410 cases empty kegs and one bundle bungs, $38
and 500 sacks of oilcake, Brackman & Ker, $675
In the shape of express matter there was aboard:
one package of steel strips for B. Carrauthers & Co., valued at $5
one package of leaf press for G. Osterhout, $15
one package band leather for J.A. Sayward, $246
one box of glassware for Chas. Haggerty, $1.50
package of gold coins for Yuen Chung & Co., $105
package of gold coins for Wah Yuen, $20
one sack for N.P. Ex. agent, $197
one crate, G.W. Edwards
one package for British Soap Works, $1.60
one package news, O.R. Ormond, $2.23
one package news, A.H. Knight, $3.25
one package news, A.E. Edwards, $2.69
2 pails of oysters for H.E. Levy, $8.90
2 pails of oysters for Brown & Co., $15
one package, for G. Knight, $2
one package, C.A. Haynes, $6.80
one package, P.J. Gaglett, $3
package of brushes for J. Miller & Co., $2
one package for the Colonial, $3.75
one package for messenger services, $3.

About all that was saved was the package of gold consigned to Yuen Chung & Co., and a second package of gold consigned to Wah Yuen, which the purser F.C. Freer, succeeded in securing at the last moment before the 'Clallam' sank.