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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 14 Jan 1904, pg.8

Seattle Man Asks Roosevelt to Arrange More Stringent Laws

Following the disaster to the steamer 'Clallam', J.E. Walton, of Seattle, says he has taken steps to call the attention of the government at Washington to the condition of the steamers on Puget sound, says a Seattle despatch. He appeals to President Roosevelt and the legislative bodies for stringent laws relative to passenger steamers for better protection of human life in event of wrecks and fires.

Following is part of the communication he has addressed to the President, the senate and house of representatives:

"We have not today a steamer carrying passenger that has safe lifeboats. What we need is a lifeboat so arranged that when a wave washes over it the lifeboats will drain itself, the same as the life saving stations. Solid, air-tight, compartments made out of material that will not rust out with portholes to drain any water that may enter the boat, with lashing riggings to lash every passenger in, so the waves cannot wash them overboard.

"I would also suggest that the fire drill rules be more stringently enforced and that one be held every day. This is seldom done. I have made two round trips to Nome and have never seen a fire drill. This would educate the people, prevent excitement and give the captain better command over those on board the vessel in the event of fire or wreck.