Caused Receivership
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 14 Jan 1904, pg.8

To Be Appointed for Sound Companies

At the instance of Henry Hewitt, jr., Henry Bucey was appointed receiver of the Washington Co-operative Mining Company and also the Montezuma Mining Company. Col. Charles W. Thompson, who lost his life in the 'Clallam' disaster, was president of both companies. The proceedings of Mr. Hewitt were of a friendly character, brought by the good will of both the companies, and there will be no fight against the receivership.

Mr. Hewitt states that he brought the suit to protect his interests. Some time ago, according to the petition, he loaned the two companies $15,000. It is understood that the properties of both of the companies will probably shortly be sold, there having been a good offer recently made to the shareholders. The Montezuma company owns valuable copper mines on the north slope of Mount Rainier, and the silver and gold mine in the vicinity of Fairfax. The Washington Co-operative company's holdings consist of coal lands near Fairfax and in the vicinity of Carbonado.