Resolution of Condolence
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 14 Jan 1904, pg.3

The following resolution of condolence was yesterday forwarded to the widow of the late Captain Livingston Thompson:
Loyal Orange Lodge, Victoria, B.C.
January 12, 1904,
To the widow of our late Brother Captain Livingston Thompson.

Whereas, in the recent sad disaster which has befallen our city and enshrouded it in the deepest gloom, our worthy and much esteemed brother, Captain Livingston Thompson, was one of the victims claimed by the angry sea, and

Whereas, the intimate relation which he maintained to our order as district master and the ever faithful discharge of his duties in that capacity enabled us to appreciate his sterling worth, and now also, to realize our unspeakable loss, and

Whereas, the manly bearing, the consistent demeanor and the upright life of our lamented brother so won our respect and affection that we regard his death not only a loss to our association collectively, but more especially to us each individually,

Therefore, be it resolved, that we extend to his sorrowing widow and the relatives our heartfelt and sincerest sympathy, and express the hope that even so sad a loss may be overruled for good by Him, who doeth all things well; believing as we do, that, he who in his young manhood fought so bravely in the defense of his Queen and country, and who through life every loyally supported that religion which is the foundation of our empire, and who to his dying hour remained true to his fellow man, now has gone to be with Him from whom alone cometh all such noble passions; and praying that, which human words and sympathy are all too meagre, the Divine Spirit may richly comfort and console her in these darkest hours of life.

Signed on behalf of District Lodge, No. 2, Vancouver island,

W.O. Wallace, District Secretary.