Lost Bride Elect
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 14 Jan 1904, pg.3

Ed. Lannen Intended to Marry Mrs. Reynolds on Arrival Here

Ed. Lannen, who gave evidence at the coroner's inquest in regard to the identity of Mrs. Reynolds and particulars of the disaster, was to have been married to Mrs. Reynolds on arrival here on the 'Clallam'. When returning from Seattle to this port on Monday. Mr. Lannen inquired at Port Townsend for the name of the mate of the tug 'Holyoke'. He was told that Edw. Hickman, a former Port Townsend boy, was the man wanted. Lannen feels deeply grateful to Hickman as it was he who picked Lannen off a small door when the 'Clallam' was sinking. Hickman was out in a lifeboat with one o the crew at the time. Lannen said he wanted to see Hickman and express his thanks personally and said he was anxious to give him a memento by which to remember him.