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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 14 Jan 1904, pg.3

E.E. Bolton, a Clallam Survivor, Arrives From Sound

E.E. Bolton, whose bridal tour was interrupted by death, due in the wreck of the steamer 'Clallam', has arrived in Victoria in the hope that the body of his bride may be recovered. Mr. Bolton was prostrated when he arrived in Seattle Saturday and was taken at once to Providence hospital. He was on the verge of nervous collapse and required the attention of physicians.

Mr. Bolton comes from Alberta, B.C., (sic) and he and his bride were on their honeymoon. They were going to Victoria, intending to go from there to Vancouver, and return by way of the Canadian Pacific. When the order went forth to put the women and children in the boats, Mrs. Bolton did not want to leave her husband, but was finally prevailed upon to do so. She left the 'Clallam' in the first of the lifeboats launched and Mr. Bolton had to stand helplessly on the deck of the heaving steamer and see his bride go down to death.

He had to be restrained from throwing himself overboard after he saw his wife drown, and he raved like a man bereft of reason. He was very nervous at the hospital, in Seattle, Saturday night but regained control of himself Sunday and was able to leave the hospital on Monday and came to Victoria to recover, if possible, the body of his wife.