Refused Upper Berth
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 14 Jan 1904, pg.3

Small Incident Which Caused N.P. Shaw to Meet Death

Among the list of those lost in the "Clallam' disaster appears the name of N.P. Shaw, a wealthy shipowner of Victoria, B.C., says the Portland Oregonian. There is an interesting Portland end to the story of Mr. Shaw's death, which shows how small events may change the entire course of a human life.

Mr. Shaw was in Portland Thursday, and intended going from here to Sacramento, Cal. He went to the office of the Pullman company for the purpose of reserving a lower berth in the Southern Pacific train, southbound, but was told by W.H. Boot, the local manager, that he could get nothing but an upper. Rather than undergo the inconveniences of an upper berth Mr. Shaw told Mr. Boot that he would alter his plan and return home from here. He went north by the Northern Pacific and later took passage for Victoria on the ill-fated 'Clallam'. Among the fifty odd persons who perished in the wreck he was one.

Had he taken an upper berth on a southbound sleeper last Thursday, in all probability, he would be alive and well today. It was a melancholy trick which fate served him. By such small incidents are life and death determined.