Late Henry Sears
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 13 Jan 1904, pg.8

The late Harvey Sears was born May 19th, 1877, at Sackville, N.B. He came to British Columbia in 1899 and served his time in the C.P.N. Co.'s steamers and passed his examination for mate in 1901. He was afterwards mate on the R.P. Rithet, with Capt. Hickey and other C.P.N. Company's steamers until the company was transferred on the C.P.R. He then secured employment on the White Pass and Yukon river steamers, being in that employ two seasons as an officer, and had contracted with them to return the next season. When he was told off to man the boats to endeavor to save the women and children, he realized the danger of the undertaking, and took off his gold watch and passed it to a shipmate, who remained, with the remark: "Here, Dick, give this to my sister when you see her.