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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 13 Jan 1904, pg.8

Cargo of Oil Cake on Board Was Dumped Into the Sea

J. Jeffries, A.P. McKeon and R. Griffith, members of the 'Clallam's' crew, said that one of the small ports of the engine room, on the port side, was smashed. The seas came in like a torrent, shouting clear across the boat. As she filled the 'Clallam' went over on her port side and finally, hours after she became disabled, turned on her beam end and then went down. They concluded that she would have gone down much sooner than she did if not kept afloat by her cross bulkheads, water-tight compartments.

The 'Clallam' went down at a point on a line between Dungenes and Smith's Island. The carload of oil cake caused a good deal of trouble to the crew before it was finally thrown over-board and then it left the deck so slippery one could scarcely stand. As the vessel rolled with the seas the men stepping upon it would fall and slide the whole width of the ship.

McKeon had on a life-preserver, while others of the crew had none. One of the party clung for nearly an hour to the top of the pilot house, which had floated away before he was rescued.