Purser's Account
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 13 Jan 1904, pg.8

Frank G. Freer Among the Last to Leave the Clallam

Purser F.G. Freer who had a narrow escape from drowning has the following to say regarding the disaster:

"I was one of the last persons to leave the 'Clallam'. When I jumped into the water, I had little hopes of reaching a place of safety. I Struggled had in the water and twice gave up all hopes of being saved. Finally I observed that a tug was near and started out again with the result that I was soon picked up.

"The passengers aboard the 'Clallam' were all excited when it was found the vessel was leaking. They were soon quieted, and I must say behaved remarkably well considering that there were as many women and children aboard.

"Just before the vessel foundered I went to the safe and opening the door took all the money I could find and grabbed the passenger list. In that way I was soon able to ascertain the names of those missing.