Saved A Blanket
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 13 Jan 1904, pg.8

Chinese Cook Only One Who Took Anything Away

So far as could be learned the only survivor of the wreck to save anything when the steamship went down was Chan Wing, one of the Chinamen employed in the steward's department. When it became apparent that the vessel could not ride the heavy seas, which were battering her to pieces. Wing hied himself to his bunk, where he secured a light white woolen blanket, which he rolled up in a tight roll, tied with a cloth string, and thrust it inside of his coat.

He then made his way with much difficulty to the deck of the vessel, where he clung desperately to the starboard rail, while the angry waves swept the vessel from stem to stern, tearing away every movable thing on board. Being swept from the rail he clutched in his desperation at the nearest object which promised him any hope of salvation and seized upon an icebox with which he was swept overboard. The chance proved to be a lucky one, as the icebox bore him up while the passengers and crew were struggling in the swamping lifeboats. After the steamer was broken to pieces he was picked up by one of the tugs.

Through it all he clung to his blanket, and upon his arrival he exhibited it with much pride to the other members of the crew, who escaped with nothing but the clothes on their backs.