Met With Accident
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 13 Jan 1904, pg.8

Miss Galletly Injured by Striking the Clallam's Rail

Steward Watson, of the 'Clallam', tells a pathetic incident that befell Miss Galletly, of Victoria, just before she left the 'Clallam' in the first of the three lifeboats, which would have disfigured her for life if it did not result in her death, even had the boats lived through the storm.

When word came that the women were to take to the boats, Miss Galletly went to the stateroom to secure some personal effects. She got them, but as she reached the deck again the vessel gave a heavy lurch and hurled the young woman against the rail, crushing in the left side of her face.

She fell upon the deck and was picked up by Watson and others and laid in the boat. The blow was a terrible one, and Miss Galletly would have been most fortunate indeed to have recovered from it.