They Were Saved
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 13 Jan 1904, pg.8

Two Were Reported Lost Are Among the Survivors

The names of William H. Grimes and Edward Lennen, reported as 'Clallam' victims should appear in the list of survivors. Grimes and Lennen were passengers, but escaped with their lives.

Grimes was among the last to leave the 'Clallam'. In fact a sea carried him overboard just before the vessel sank. He managed to climb aboard the pilot house, which washed off and floated as the hull went down. How he got on the house he does not know. He found himself there in company with Thomas Sullins, Lennen and four others, including the Chinese cook of the 'Clallam'. After being on the pilot house, which was awash, for nearly an hour, he and his companions were rescued by the 'Holyoke'

Grimes lives in Redmond, Wash. He was on his way to Victoria in search of employment. "I and every other survivor had a terrible time," Grimes said, "but I'm alive, and not dead, as reported, so I should be, and am thankful.

"I don't remember how long I was in the water, perhaps twenty minutes before getting onto the pilot house - Lennen, Thomas Sullins, myself and four others, including a Chinaman. We were rescued by the tug 'Richard Holyoke', whose officers treated us kindly. We were taken to Port Townsend."

Of the chances of any of the three lifeboats having lived through the storm Grimes said: "There is no hope of a single occupant of these boats. I assisted in launching all three. I saw the first capsize; the third never left the side of the boat, and the second one rose on a great wave and its occupants were carried into the sea. Later I saw all three of the boats, and there was not a soul in any of them.

"One man whose name I did not learn saved his life by clinging onto Thomas Sullins foot and leg. He hung on for dear life and was finally rescued along with the rest of us.

The 'Clallam' sank the moment the 'Holyoke's' hawser was cut. In fact, the taut line seemed to be holding her up. She went down almost instantly. Then the life and death struggle began.

Grimes is 35 years of age and a native of London. He has lived in the state of Washington for about three years, having resided for a time at Port Blakely before going to Redmond.

Lennen fared much the same as Grimes. He was carried overboard about the same time and brought up on the pilot house.

"I do not care to talk about the awful experience," he replied, when asked to tell of his narrow escape from death; "and if they have reported me among the dead it came painfully near being the truth. But I got out, and that is all there is to it."
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