Saved the Chinaman
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 13 Jan 1904, pg.8

Capt. Roberts Would Not Allow Chinese Cook to be Left.

Stewart Watson, a survivor of the wreck of the 'Clallam', tells some new incidents in connection with the loss of the vessel. One is told of Capt. Roberts. When nearly all others had left or been washed overboard from the 'Clallam', it was discovered that a Chinese remained. Some one spoke of the Chinaman. When Captain Roberts, who was being urged to leave the vessel, said:

"No. Try to get him. I will not attempt to leave the ship until after he is off."

The Asiatic, who had been crouching below in fear, was hauled up and given the same opportunity to escape as the rest.

Capt. Roberts, Watson and others were left on the raft. The captain's long struggle in the water had exhausted him. He told his companions that he could not last until assistance came; that they should look out for themselves and pay no further attention to him. Watson assured him that the 'Holyoke' was in sight and making for them.

"Don't mind me," the captain is said to have answered. "I cannot hold out any longer."

The tug came up and Capt. Roberts was hauled aboard. He could not stand and lapsed into a state of unconsciousness. Capt. Hall, of the 'Holyoke', and his men did everything in their power to revive Capt. Roberts, and but for their care he would have succumbed.