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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 13 Jan 1904, pg.3

She Was Formerly the Majestic But Has Been Remodelled and Improved

The Puget Sound Navigation Company's steamer 'Majestic', which is now undergoing remodelling at Tacoma, is to replace the ill-fated steamer 'Clallam'. This was decided yesterday by the company. Work is being pursued as rapidly as possible on the 'Majestic', but at best it will take two or three weeks to finish her.

When she again goes into commission it will be as the steamer 'Whatcom'. It had been the intention of the company to place her on the 'Whatcom' route. The loss of the 'Clallam' necessitates a change in plans.

The 'Majestic' has been on the drydock at Quartermaster harbor where she has been practically rebuilt, giving greater beam and improving her in many ways. She came off the dock last week and was towed to Tacoma. She is tied up at the Eureka dock. Work on her is being done under the direction of E.W. Heath, who built her as well as the 'Clallam' and who is superintendent of the Alaska Steamship Company's shipyards in Tacoma, where the steamer 'Jefferson' is being built.

Orders have been given by the company to rush the work on the 'Whatcom'. When completed she will have accommodations for 150 passengers and increased freight facilities, besides being a more seaworthy vessel, owing to her added beam. Officers of the company say they hope that in two weeks the steamer will be ready for commission. She will then go immediately on the Victoria route in place of the 'Clallam'.

When the fine new steamer 'Jefferson', now build at Alaska Steamship Company's yards here, is completed there is a strong probability that she will be placed on the Victoria run.

The disaster of last week has emphasized the necessity for a larger and stronger passenger steamer on this run, especially in the winter months when gales are frequently in the straits.

In the 'Jefferson' the Company has just such a steamer as must eventually be placed on the run. It was not intended in building to operate her to Victoria, it is said.
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