Saved Upper Works
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 13 Jan 1904, pg.1

Part of the Wrecked Clallam Towed to Esquimalt.

The steamer 'Maude', of the B.C. Salvage Company, which went to Darcy Island to recover the upper works of the steamer 'Clallam', which the steamer 'Princess Beatrice' reported to have gone ashore there, was sighted by the steamer 'Charmer' on her way to Victoria last night with the upper part of the lost steamer in tow. The 'Maude' is expected to reach Esquimalt early this morning with the wreckage. Capt. Hickey, of the 'Princess Beatrice', in an interview given to the special correspondent of the Colonist at New Westminster, said:

"We sighted considerable wreckage after this, but there was nothing of importance until we came to Darcy Island. Here we found a great deal of wreckage, and I sent a boat ashore in charge of the first officer to make a thorough examination. It was found to be the main deck of the 'Clallam', the deck houses, spars, captain and some other wreckage. It was thoroughly examined and no bodies were found in it. I put into Sidney, from which place I wired Captain Troup (superintendent of C.P.R. steamers) and he reported the finding of the wreckage to the 'Clallam's' agent in Victoria, Mr. Blackwood.

"The main deck was there intact, and had apparently been torn right away from the hold. One of the deck houses was found intact, and the door was locked with a Yale padlock. However, the boys forced the door, and , on going in, found that it had been a store room, for they threw out hams, bacon, biscuits and other food.

"In my opinion, the wreckage drifted onto the island on Saturday night. There was a strong southeasterly wind blowing and, aided by the flood tide, the wreckage went pretty far. It was on the west side of the island and right in shore. No, there were no boats there.

"Right along from Trial Island to Darcy Island we saw a large number of sacks floating about, and I think these were filled with oil cake, as I understand the wrecked steamer had a large amount of this in her cargo.

"When off Trial Island we saw a seat with a handrail floating about. It was long enough to seat about six persons."

"Captain, a great deal has been said of the unseaworthiness of the 'Clallam'. From what you saw of the wreckage, do you think she was too lightly built", asked the representative. Capt. Hickey smiled as he replied that, as this would likely come up at the investigation, he would prefer to say nothing on the matter at present.

After leaving Victoria we kept a close lookout for any bodies that might be floating about, and when off Clover Point a lifebelt was sighted. I ordered a boat lowered and they found that there was a body of a man in the belt. The boatmen took it aboard, and he appeared to be a young man of about 18, who has been identified as C.H. Joy. The body was put aboard the steamer 'Oscar', which we signaled and sent to Victoria.
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