Board of Trade
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 12 Jan 1904, pg.8

Met Yesterday to Advocate Investigation Into Clallam Disaster

A meeting of the council of the Board of Trade was held yesterday afternoon to discuss the 'Clallam' disaster; and there was much strong comment in regard to the seaworthiness of the 'Clallam'. The meeting was not a public one, no press representatives being admitted to the meeting. The Board of Trade moved several resolutions, seeking a thorough investigation of the catastrophe. It was moved, firstly, that the Board of Trade be legally represented at the coroner's inquest and take such steps as are necessary to thoroughly investigate the cause of the disaster to the steamer 'Clallam'. Secondly, that the attention of the department of marine be called to the 'Clallam' disaster and he be asked to appoint a commission to investigate the same and that a committee be appointed to wait upon the Hon. Senator Templeman, with a request to forward this resolution to Ottawa at once, and thirdly. "That Mr. Lugrin be requested to represent the Board at the coroner's inquest in the 'Clallam' disaster, and that a committee wait upon the Hon. Senator Templeman and ask his assistance in having Mr. Lugrin appointed to represent the Dominion government at the investigations." Mr. Lugrin is the father-in-law of Mr. N.P. Shaw, who was one of the victims. It was also resolved that a committee of five, who are yet to be appointed, watch the investigation and a resolution was moved seeking to the establishment of a life saving station for the purpose of securing the protection sea-borne life and property in this vicinity, and that steps be taken to this end in conjunction with the city council, Tourist Association and other public bodies. A committee of five, consisting of Messrs. Pitts, Carter, Ker, Paterson and Kingham, waited on Senator Templeman to this end, and he, after expressing his approval of the board's course at once forwarded the resolutions by wire to the Dominion government.