Rudder Was Faulty
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 12 Jan 1904, pg.8

Asserted That a New One Awaited the Lost Vessel at Seattle.

"The rudder of the ill-fated steamer 'Clallam' was the next thing to worthless." This is a statement expressed yesterday by certain shipping men thoroughly familiar with the vessel, and who have traveled on her many times, says the Tacoma Ledger.

Because of the faulty condition of the rudder, it is said that the 'Clallam' was the hardest vessel on the Sound to handle. That the condition of the rudder had anything to do with the terrible tragedy of Friday night no one can here now pretends to claim.

It is stated, however, that knowing the condition of the rudder, the Puget Sound Navigation Company some time ago purchased a new rudder. That rudder, they say, lies on the dock at Pier 2 in Seattle. It has lain there waiting until an opportunity offered to take the steamer off the run and install it.

Shipping men are much mystified at the assertion that the force of the waves smashed in the deadlights of the vessel. This is a feature of the tragedy, they say, they cannot understand.

"A sea strong enough to smash the deadlights would stove in the side of the vessel itself," said one shipping man last night, "unless there was something awfully faulty about the deadlights. Stories seem to agree on this point, but seafaring people find it hard to understand."