Stevedore's Story
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 12 Jan 1904, pg.8

Harry Jensen Tells of the Efforts to Launch the Lifeboats.

Harry Jensen, stevedore, whose fellow stevedore, Harvey Sears, was among the drowned, said: "The first thing that I knew of anything being wrong was when somebody called out to get life-presevers. I ran for one and secured it, and then started in to assist the crew in unslinging the boats. The boats were not launched for some time after it was discovered that the 'Clallam' could not possibly reach land, the captain evidently thinking that assistance might arrive. When the vessel began to settle a trifle, however, the boats were put off with all the women and children and a few men. The launching of them was perfectly orderly.

"After the boats were out of the way we watched their progress for some time. It was impossible to see them plainly when they got a little way from the vessel, but I know that I, for one, saw the one boat go under. It is possible that the others went down near to us, but I could not say for certain.

"When the tugs arrived they hung around for some time before they could render us any assistance, owing to the high sea that was running. They came in the nick of time, too, for had they delayed a little longer there would have been no survivor to tell the story.

"I can't give a clear description of what happened. Nobody can. We were all too much frightened and too confused to take in the thing fully. When we found that the boat was sure to sink, and that we should probably sink with her I know that I was from that time on too excited to tell exactly what happened."