Bodies Recovered
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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 12 Jan 1904, pg.6

At Victoria.
Miss Louise Harris, of Spokane, found by tug 'Albion' floating off Clover Point.
Mrs. Thomas Sullins, Mount Sicker, B.C., found near boat in which was the body of Miss Harris.
Miss Galletly, Victoria, daughter of A.J.C. Galletly, manager Bank of Montreal, Victoria; found off Clover Point.
Miss Ethel Diprose, Tacoma, picked up on the shore near Beacon Hill.
Alex. Harvey, deck hand on the 'Clallam', picked up near quarantine station, William Head.
Mrs. Reynolds, found floating near Albert Head by the quarantine tug 'Earle'.
Miss Minnie Murdock, of Seattle.
Mrs. Hattie Moore, of San Juan.
At Port Townsend.
Capt. Livingstone Thompson, Victoria.
W.B. Gibbons, Tacoma.
Eugene Hicks, Friday Harbor.
Archie Hudson, boy in charge of texas
rooms on board the steamer.
C.F. Johnson, Portland.
All the foregoing were picked up near floating fragments of the wreck by the tug 'Bahada' Saturday afternoon.

Women and Children.
Mrs. Rouin, Seattle.
Miss Anie Murray, Victoria.
Mrs. A.J.C. Galletly, Victoria.
Mrs. S.E. Bolton, Alberta.
Mrs. Charles Cox, Ladysmith.
Miss Gill, San Francisco.
Mrs. H.J. La Plant, Friday harbor.
Mrs. R. Turner, Victoria.
Mrs. Lenore Richards, Port Townsend.
Miss Bellies, residence not known.
Three children of Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Sullins.
Capt. Tom Lawrence, Victoria.
George J. Jeffs, Victoria.
N.P. Shaw, Victoria.
Col. C.W. Thompson, Tacoma.
George Hyson, residence not known.
A. Vandemeet, residence not known.
Guy Daniels, Kansas City.
H. Buckner, residence not known.
Charles Thomas, Ladysmith.
C.H. Joy, residence not known.
C.J. Burney, residence not known.
R.G. Campbell, 900 Twentieth avenue, Seattle.
A.K. Prince, Kansas City.
W.E. Rookledge, Tacoma.
W. Clurrett, residence not known.
P. La Plant, Friday Harbor
R. Turner, Victoria.
Charles Green, Victoria.
Homer H. Swaney, Seattle.
Bruno Lehman, Tacoma.
Edward Lockwood, Seattle, freight clerk.
James Smith, Seattle; first assistant engineer.
Charles Manson, Seattle; stevedore & acting 2nd officer.
R. Lindhome, Seattle, seaman.
Joseph Jewell, Victoria, saloon watchman.
Alex. Harvey, Seattle, messman (also in 'bodies recovered')
Robert Currie, Victoria; assistant steward.
Harvey Sears, Victoria, seaman.
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