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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 12 Jan 1904, pg.6

One by one the unfortunate victims of the 'Clallam' disaster are being claimed by friends and relatives. Yesterday the Fraternal Order of Eagles of Victoria, received the sad intelligence that one of the bodies recovered and taken to Port Townsend was there identified by his Eagle membership card, as George Hudson, a member of the Victoria Aerie, No. 12. As the officers of the above order know nothing of any surviving relatives of the deceased, instructions were at once given by Frank LeRoy, the local secretary for the return of the remains to Victoria where they will be tenderly placed in the silent tomb by brother Eagles of this city should no relatives come forward to claim the body. Eagles are requested to look for notice of funeral in due time.

A reply was also received by Joseph Wachter, president of the F.O.E., from Little Rock, Ark., saying that the address of the relative of Guy Daniels, last with the 'Clallam' was unknown to the Eagles of which Daniels was a respected member, and they requested local Eagles to bury his remains here should the body be recovered. Nothing has been heard from the Kansas City Aerie, of which A.K. Prince was a member.