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from the Victoria Daily Colonist, 12 Jan 1904, pg.6

Jury Impanelled Yesterday Morning.

Coroner Hart called an inquest yesterday morning to allow friends of those who were drowned and whose bodies have been found to formally identify and take possession of them. J.H. Fletcher, T.N. Hibben, Chas. Cullin, Chas. Weiler, Jas. Rostein and Wm. Herbert Marcon were sworn in, Mr. Fletcher being the foreman.

The coroner said he had called them together early so that friends of the dead might be able to fill all the requirements of identification as soon as possible. It was not his desire to harrow the feelings of relatives and friends by keeping the bodies any longer than was absolutely necessary.

The jury visited the undertaking parlors. After having viewed the remains, three of the bodies were formally identified, H.C. Bellinger testified as to the identity of Miss Harris; F. Pinder to Miss Galletly, and W.J. Wilkinson to Miss Diprose.

It was decided to adjoin to 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.